The discovery of oxygen

Dit you know 247 years ago on this day oxygen was discovered? Not that we were breathing something else until that day or that the chemical structure of the air suddenly changed, but on August 1st 1774 Joseph Priestley conducted an experiment that demonstrated the existence of oxygen. He used a 12-inch-wide glass lens to aim sun light at a lump of mercuric oxide in a pool of mercury which was placed underneath a glass container. The tested this new found element on mice who fared perfectly well on the new gas. He then tried it himself and declared that it was better than regular air for respiration and his chest felt peculiarly light after inhaling it.

Since its discovery oxygen many uses were found for this new gas, not in the last place for our physical and mental well being. Oxygen creates energy, helps us digest food, boosts our immune system and improves mental clarity and intelligence. 

So take a deep breath to energize your brain and start thinking new ideas!

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