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Free online IoT events

Free online IoT eventsThe Internet of Things is a fast-developing field within computer technology. IoT, short for Internet of Things is a network of physical devices equipped with a network connection. The network connection enables these devices to gather and share data in a network. IoT technology is fundamental for the smart home, helps to improve infrastructure, plays an important role in security and healthcare and is used in agriculture, energy management and transportation amongst others. If innovation is your business, you need to have at least basic understanding of the possibilities of IoT, since the technology involved is driving many innovations.

The coming month you can learn about new IoT developments and its cutting-edge technology and applications at two digital events. 

IoT Tech Expo Europe, 24-25 November 2020

The first virtual event is the IoT Tech Expo Europe. This online IoT event will take place on the 24th and 25th of November. This virtual congress offers you live and pre-recorded on-demand sessions that will delve into the real-life application of IoT and will host several discussions encompassing the IoT ecosystemThe first day (November 24th ) will address applied strategies for the IoT. The second day will explore the utilization of IoT in enterprises. Register here:

IoT digital summit 2020, 2-3 December 2020

The second virtual event is the IoT digital summit 2020, which will take place on 2 and 3 December 2020. At this 2-day online summit you can learn about artificial intelligence and digital twins, and how developments in these fields are applicable to sectors like manufacturing, construction, transportation, smart buildings, healthcare and energy. The first day (December 2nd) will focus on artificial intelligence, and the second day (December 3rd) will dive into the evolution of digital twins.  

You can register here:

Both events are free, so register as soon as possible since tickets are limited.

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